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Why Spring Knolls

 We know the importance of play!


At Spring Knolls, children learn to solve problems, express themselves, and have their senses of wonder and delight sparked on a daily basis. Children learn new skills while doing something they enjoy. Our qualified and nurturing staff assist children’s learning experiences based on each student’s innate curiosity, furthering their understanding of the world and the people around them.


For example, when children are building a tower or a bridge out of blocks, they are actively exploring and discovering early math and science concepts by measuring, connecting, linking, and taking apart pieces of different shapes and sizes. All of this helps develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine and gross motor skills. At Spring Knolls, children love building high towers to test balance, strength, and gravity!


When children are playing dress-up, they are developing their imagination and creativity while modeling and practicing life skills. For example, a child playing with baby dolls or being a doctor is learning and fostering social and emotional skills like caring for others, patience, empathy, teamwork, decision-making, as well as language and cognitive development.


Spring Knolls prides itself on its cultural, racial, neuro, and socioeconomic diversity. We have families (and teachers!) from around the world, and as a Maryland EXCELS school, our families are eligible to receive substantial financial support through the state. All of this contributes to a rich community of diverse perspectives and experiences. We strive to ensure every single member of our school family feels valued and celebrated. 

Because of our community’s diverse needs, we offer flexible scheduling. Families may choose the number of days that suits their schedule, as well as the number of hours their child attends per day. Many families choose a mix of half-day and full-day options, and children are able to drop in for our afternoon programs as needed or desired. Co-oping in the classroom is not a requirement at Spring Knolls, although families who choose to co-op receive a discount on monthly tuition.

And then there is our staff. Our staff are truly the backbone of Spring Knolls, and one would be hard-pressed to find a group of more experienced, dedicated, and passionate educators. Most of our teachers have been at Spring Knolls for years; others have been here for decades. All of our staff meet the qualifications for Maryland EXCELS, which is proof of what we’ve always known: that our teachers are truly among the best the state has to offer.



I sent both of my children to Spring Knolls for all three years. My favorite thing about Spring Knolls are the patient, creative, kind and experienced teachers, and the amazing families we have gotten to know. It’s really a special community. 

Sara (Manolo, 4)

Such a great school with wonderful teachers and community. Definitely made the right choice by choosing this place!

Melat (Haimen, 4)

The Spring Knolls community is great. Teachers are caring and both of my kids say that Spring Knolls is FUN!

Ryann (Anisa, 3)

I’ve sent two of my kids to Spring Knolls. On their first days, both kids were clutching my leg begging me not to leave. A few days later they were running into school barely looking back at me. The Spring Knolls community is so warm, supportive, and nurturing.

Andrew (Xander, 4)

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