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Classes & Summer Camp

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela
Twos Class


In the Twos classroom, we strive to build a positive social environment in which the children feel safe, nurtured, appreciated, and accepted. When children feel like they belong to a community, they gain self-confidence, which facilitates learning and problem solving. Comfortable in their classroom, the children are encouraged to follow their natural inclinations to create and explore.

Threes Class

The Threes class builds upon the work begun in the Twos, continuing a loving and gentle atmosphere, a soothing pace, and many opportunities for activity, imagination, and extensive creative expression. The focus of the class is to foster an environment that supports the children’s growing self-confidence, while providing a comfortable way to open themselves emotionally and intellectually to the world around them.

Pre-K Class


​Pre-K at Spring Knolls is a time for children to become more independent, take risks and learn the “routines” of a school day. Through the use of play, the teacher promotes cooperative and collaborative problem solving, while promoting literacy through the use of engaging themes and developmentally appropriate materials and activities. We strive to cultivate their strengths and individuality while preparing them for the transition to kindergarten.

Summer Camp


Spring Knolls offers three 2-week summer sessions and one 1 week session.  Register Here.


Our enrichment program is offered five days a week, from 12pm to 3pm. A typical afternoon includes a lunch brought from home, rest time, free play, outdoor play, and a special. Our specials are structured and product-oriented classes that help build specific skills and are conducted in a mixed-age group setting. Specials are different every day, and might include cooking, yoga, music, art, science, or movement.

Extended Day

Offered five days a week, our extended day option is available for children staying from 3pm to 5:30pm. A typical extended day routine includes a group activity such as circle time or story time, a school-provided snack, free play at our centers, and outdoor play. Our extended day option is conducted in a mixed-age group setting.

Studio Space


The Spring Knolls Studio is an auxiliary classroom for conducting specialty projects that enrich our core curriculum. On any given day, this might mean painting a mural, conducting complex building activities, or participating in a dance or drama performance. Designed to support all aspects of STEAM, this “maker space” houses an art center, building center, sensory materials, natural elements, musical instruments, cooking supplies, and objects to support dramatic play. The Studio serves as our afternoon enrichment classroom, where children participate in different specials each day. During inclement weather, the Studio is also available for students to engage in indoor gross motor play.

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