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At Spring Knolls, parents have a substantial responsibility to keep the school running smoothly. It is only with your regular participation that the school can thrive. The essence of a “parent-run co-op” is that every family participates in the running of the school. The involvement of parents in each of the following areas is required by ALL families as part of the membership of the school.  


ALL PARENT MEETINGS: Parent meetings are fundamental to the concept of a parent-run cooperative program. There are two All-Parent Meetings held during the regular program year, one in September and one in May. A fee of $100 will be assessed per missed All-Parent Meeting, except in the case of a medical emergency.


Throughout the year, we have activities requiring parental participation. The committees in charge of the various events will request volunteers. As a member, you agree that your family will provide at least 5 hours of service to Spring Knolls each regular program year, either through your committee or other volunteer activities. Failure to meet this 5-hour commitment will result in a $250 fee.


Big Clean-ups

Each family is required to sign up for one of the two big clean-up sessions – fall or end-of-year – scheduled on a Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. You will be working with about a dozen other families to either set-up the school for the new year or close it up for the summer. The penalty for missing a big clean-up is $125.


Family members are welcome in the classroom in two capacities. The first is our co-op program. The co-oper program is restricted to parents only and is optional. If parents choose to co-op, they must commit to regular attendance in the classroom, and adhere to all training, health and licensing requirements for volunteers. 

Parents, grandparents and special friends are welcome in the classroom on a drop-in basis as long as they coordinate with the classroom teacher. 

For co-op families ONLY. In order to co-op, parents must attend a mandatory co-op training session held during the regular program year in September. If a co-op parent cannot attend the mandatory training, they will be responsible for rescheduling a make-up training directly with their room teacher. Parents will not be able to co-op until completion of training.


Because Spring Knolls is a “parent-run co-op” every family participates in the operation of the program.  One of the most important opportunities parents at Spring Knolls have is active participation in the Board and its committees. Spring Knolls is governed by a Board of Directors made up of parents, elected by the parent body. Board meetings are held in the evenings on a monthly basis. All Spring Knolls members are welcome to attend Board meetings.

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