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Spring Knolls embraces a play-based learning philosophy, focusing on the “whole child” and fostering their social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth. Our experienced and dedicated staff, in strong partnership with parents, empowers children to reach their full potential through the power of play. Spring Knolls is a place where children are taught to appreciate themselves and the world they live in. The faculty and co-oping parents work as a team in the classroom to provide a structured but relaxed and nurturing environment, one in which the whole child develops. We believe that a preschooler's self esteem is rooted in the mastery of his or her physical environment, as well as the ability to be part of a social group.

Spring Knolls offers a learning environment that provides carefully designed, structured activities suitable to our children’s progressing developmental levels, as well as child-directed learning experiences that take advantage of their innate curiosity, to further their understanding of the world and people around them.

Whether it’s the Twos classes exploring the world of apples (observing the look and feel of the skin, pulp, core and seeds; comparing the colors and tastes of different varieties; recognizing that different classmates have different preferences), the Threes class observing a metamorphosis (watching caterpillars grow, build chrysalises, and emerge as butterflies; and then releasing them to nature), or the pre-K class considering the human body (examining x-rays, touching bones, designing their own skeletons with q-tips, reading books and singing songs), our teachers engage a child’s natural sense of wonder to further his or her development.


Spring Knolls is a “workshop” for children, where they are provided tools and guidance each day (through Language Skills, Cultural Enrichment, Exploring, Problem Solving, Arts and Crafts, Dramatic Play, Music, Self Help Skills and Outdoor Play), and then encouraged to use their own initiative to explore, make decisions, solve problems and work toward constructing a positive set of values.

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