Family Responsibilities

As a co-operative preschool, Spring Knolls relies on the contribution of both time (through committee work, meeting attendance, fundraising and volunteering), and money (through tuition and fees) from its member families. A more detailed accounting of family responsibilities can be found in the Parent-School Agreement, which each family signs upon enrollment. An abbreviated overview of basic family responsibilities can be found below:

  • Attend Fall and Spring Parent Meetings (one member of the family)

  • Serve on an administrative committee (e.g. marketing, communications, membership)

  • Additional service work (approx. 5 hours)

  • Assist in fundraising activities (e.g. set-up auction, donations)

Girls playing on the playground during recess.
  • Non-refundable registration deposit

  • Monthly tuition payments

  • Fees (supplies, auction fee, etc.)