Family Responsibilities

As a co-operative preschool, Spring Knolls relies on the contribution of both time (through committee work, meeting attendance, classroom work, fundraising and volunteering), and money (through tuition and fees) from its member families. A more detailed accounting of family responsibilities can be found in the Parent-School Agreement, which each family signs upon enrollment. An abbreviated overview of basic family responsibilities can be found below:

  • Provide a week’s worth of nutritious snack for child’s class (Frequency: 2-4 times per school year, depending upon class size)

  • Attend Fall and Spring Parent Meetings (one member of the family)

  • Serve on an administrative committee (e.g. marketing, communications, membership)

  • Additional service work (approx. 10-15 hours)

  • Assist in fundraising activities (e.g. set-up auction, donations)

  • Participate in one Big Clean event (Fall, Winter, or Spring)

  • Either participate in two Small Clean events or opt-out by paying a cleaning fee

  • Non-refundable registration deposit

  • Monthly tuition payments

  • Fees (supplies, auction fee, etc.)

  • Attend one of the Back-to-School information sessions

  • Attend two mandatory co-op trainings (scheduled as part of Back-to-School information session)*

  • Arrange for swap or school-approved substitute if necessary*

  • Must be fingerprinted*

*Co-oping families only

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