New Student Information

Enrollment Forms

Once your child has been offered a spot at Spring Knolls, you will be asked to submit a deposit as acceptance and fill out various enrollment forms. Some forms are for Spring Knolls use and some are required by the Office of Child Care (OCC). Forms can be found on the Parents Only section of our website. A link will be provided in the spring after your deposit has been received. Forms must be submitted to the Spring Knolls office by August 1 so that they can be processed before the first day of school.

School Communication

You will be connected to the school via Bloomz over the summer by the Communications Committee. Bloomz is an app that is utilized for school-wide and class-specific communications. This is our primary form of school communication so please respond promptly.


As a new family of Spring Knolls you will be assigned a committee for your volunteer hours, each of which is chaired by a veteran parent. This parent will be another resource for questions you have. The committees are a great way for families in different classes to get to know each other.

Preschool student playing with a puzzle.
Co-op Training

There are two mandatory co-oper trainings held during the school year – one in conjunction with the all-parent meeting in September, and the other in January. These meetings are only for co-oping parents – non-co-oping families do not have to attend. If a co-oper cannot attend the mandatory training, they will be unable to co-op that semester. They will be able to co-op once they attend the next regularly scheduled training session, as there will be no make-up for missed meetings. 


All parents listed on submitted school forms as a co-oper must now be fingerprinted for a state and federal background check. The background check must be completed prior to co-oping in the classroom. This does not apply to substitutes or volunteers—family members who visit or stand-in for you once or twice a year.

How do I obtain fingerprinting services?

Please download our fingerprinting instructions file.

I am concerned about privacy, who will have access to my information?

The Director will receive basic reports from state and local agencies. The information provided only indicates either “no criminal history” OR “investigation of” or “criminal history” on record.

If “no criminal history” is stated, the individual is cleared for co-oping in the classroom. If "investigation of" or "criminal history" appears, the director contacts the Office of Child Care. The Office of Child Care obtains the specific information on the report (which is not given to the school directly), and then provides clearance for the individual if the background check does not contain any of the following offenses.

1. A crime involving:

  • A child;

  • Cruelty to animals;

  • Domestic violence; or

  • A weapons or firearms violation of federal or state laws;

2. A sex offense;

3. A violent crime classified as a felony;

4. Abduction or kidnapping;

5. Abuse of a child or an adult;

6. Confinement of an unattended child;

7. Manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing a controlled dangerous substance;

8. Perjury;

9. Pornography;

10. Possession with intent to manufacture, distribute, or dispense a controlled dangerous substance; or

11. Reckless endangerment.

Again, the Director will only be given a green light or red light from the Office of Child Care with no specific details, and the findings will not be shared further.

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